Answers to Alpaca Knowledge Test

Name four members of the South American Camelid family.

1. Alpaca        

2.  Vicuna            

3. Guanaco

4. Llama 

Wild: An animal in its natural environment  

Domestic: An animal developed to help man

Name four uses for alpacas.      

1. Wool production

2. Breeding stock

3.  Pets 

4. Therapy     


An average adult alpaca is 31 – 39 inches tall at the withers

Where are alpacas missing teeth? Alpacas have no top front teeth.

How many compartments are in an alpaca’s and llama’s stomach? Three

Since alpacas and llamas are herd animals, they should always have other alpacas with them.

List two reasons an alpaca might spit?   At an annoying suitor, or to say”Bug off”


Name the two types of alpacas:

1.  Huacaya

2.  Suri 

Describe the differences between the fleece characteristics of the two types:   Huacaya has crimpy, dense fleece which gives them a round appearance; Suri fleece parts along the top line and hangs down in long/ silky, crimpless locks. 

Which type of alpaca might need extra care or consideration due to his different fleece and constitution?    The Suri

 Name some things you could do to take extra special care of this type of alpaca: Provide extra shelter, since topline is not protected from the elements as well. 

Which type of alpaca is more rare?  The Suri make up less than 10% of world alpaca population. 

Are these two types of alpacas ever shown in classes together? No, not under current ALSA rules. 


The way an alpaca is put together is called: Conformation 

An alpaca with several llama characteristics would be called:  Huarizo

Describe how an alpaca’s front legs should look when viewed from the front andsides:       They should appear mostly straight 


Alpacas like all other animals and people have their own Personality

 Name three personality characteristics most alpacas share: Intelligence, Curiosity, Gentleness  


Alpacas are good companions and pets because they are Intelligent and gentle.


How should you provide protection from sun, rain and wind for your alpaca? Usually a three-sided structure is adequate. 

What type of fencing is NOT safe for an alpaca? Barbed wire 

What size should the openings in your alpaca fence be? 2″ x 4″ rectangular openings from ground to 4 – 5′ high. 

What are you trying to fence out or away from your alpacas? Predators such as packs of stray dogs, coyotes. 


What are the three main parts of an alpaca’s diet?   

 1. Water, 

2. Forage, 

3. Minerals


Describe one type of preventive medicine an alpaca owner should use to

help keep an alpaca healthy: A mineral supplement (There are many more possible answers). 


Why do alpacas and llamas need to be vaccinated?  Alpacas are vaccinated to prevent them from getting diseases.  


Worms living inside an alpaca are an example of an internal parasite.


List two parts of an alpaca’s foot:     

 1. Toenails,

2. Pads

How many teeth do alpacas have in the front of their mouth on the bottom? Six

What is the normal temperature of an adult alpaca? 99 to 102

 What type of weather causes the most stress to an alpaca? Extreme heat or extreme cold 

What type of feed can you give an alpaca in extremely cold weather to help them
stay warm?    Grains such as corn, oats and barley.     


List two ways to decrease stress on an alpaca while showing the animal:Talking gently/ frequent practice/ anticipate alpaca’s actions.Hold firmly/ rub or stroke alpaca gently/ interpret alpaca body language and be consistent. 

If a trainer talks softly to an alpaca, what will probably happen? An alpaca will relax upon hearing a calm/ reassuring voice. 


Is it acceptable for the trainer to wrap an alpaca’s lead rope around his or her

hand? It is never acceptable to wrap a lead rope around your hand.

 Where should the nose band of a halter lay on an alpaca’s face? The nose band should lay on the bone near the eye and not on the fleshy part of the face where it can prevent breathing. 

How far down from the halter should a trainer grip the lead rope? Hold the lead rope 8 – 10″  from the halter.   The excess rope should be lapped over into a figure 8 in the free hand – not wrapped around it. 


Should a trainer move fast or slowly around an alpaca and/or a llama to help cause the animal to grow in trust for that trainer? A trainer should move slowly to help an alpaca trust him. 

List three ways to gain an alpaca’s trust:

1. Be consistent, repeat the process, talk softly  

 2. Allow the alpaca to become familiar with you

3. Use a short tug on the lead rope to encourage the alpaca

4.  Move slowly and steadily

What are the two most important things a trainer can do while working with an alpaca, when teaching him to accept a brush or halter?

1. Move slowly

2. Be patient

If an alpaca does not want to walk with its trainer, how might it be encouraged by that trainer? Use a short tug on the lead rope.

 What does desensitize mean? Teaching an alpaca to be touched all over without being afraid. 

What is the word that means an alpaca’s particular way of lying down? Kush (also properly referred to as sternal recumbency)



1.      Alpacas are prized for their fine Fiber.

2.       Alpaca fiber is equivalent to Mohair.

3.      Alpaca fiber is surpassed in fineness only by the Vicuna.

4.      Alpaca wool is 3 times stronger than sheep wool.

5.      Name the area of the alpaca which produces the finest fiber.  Blanket or barrel

6.            Alpacas need to be shorn at least every 1 – 2 years.

7.         One adult alpaca usually produces 5-7 pounds of prime fleece every year.

8.            Alpacas come in 22 natural colors.


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